High Quality Industrial Valves
  • Sur-Flo Control Valves
  • CVS ED, ET, EZ Control Valves
  • CVS V-Ball Control Valves
  • BONNEY FORGE/RP&C Gates, Globes, Checks
  • Non-Venting Dump/Control Valves
  • ASCO Solenoid Valves
  • KF/PBV/WKM Ball Valves
  • Flowseal/Centerline Butterfly Valves

Non-Vent Control Valves for back pressure, pressure reduction, fow control, and compressor suction/bypass applications. Sur-Flo control valves feature a unique axial fow design that offers quick recovery, as well as reduced cavitation, noise, and hunting. Non-venting capability, quickly feld repairable.

Factory new control valves interchangeable with Fisher* ET, ED, EZ, D body, V-Balls, 4150 controllers, 630 regulators and valve trims. Pneumatic and electric chemical pumps.