Level Instruments for All Your Liquid Level Requirements
  • K-TEK Magnetic Level Indicators
  • K-TEK Laser Level/Positioning Transmitters
  • K-TEK Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
  • K-TEK Guided Wave Rada
  • K-TEK Magnetostrictive Transmitters
  • K-TEK Liquid/Solids Level Switches
  • K-TEK Interface Transmitters
  • Reflex/Transparent Level Gauges

K-Tek offers a wide variety of technologies for LIQUID and DRY product level measurement applications. Magnetic liquid level indicators, Magnetostrictive level transmitters, Ultrasonic level transmitters, RF capacitance/vibrating tuning fork/thermal dispersion fow and level switches, Guided Wave Radar for total level and interface, Sureshot Laser. NEW! Lasermeter 2D & 3D laser scanner for non-contact volumetric and mass calculations.