Complete Valve Automation Services
  • ROTORK Electric “Failsafe” Actuators
  • ROTORK Pneumatic Actuators
  • ROTORK IQ & IQT Intelligent Electric Actuators
  • BETTIS Pneumatic Actuators
  • REMOTE CONTROL Electric/Pneumatic Actuators
  • ROTORK Modulating Electric Actuators

Rotork Controls – Electric actuators for quarter turn and multi-turn valves featuring IQ non-intrusive intelligent technology and a built-in data logger for troubleshooting. Most digital communication protocols available. Rotork Process Controls - Electric actuators designed for rotary and linear control valves and dampers. New! CVA linear and quarter turn failsafe electric actuators for on/off and continuously modulating applications. Rotork Fluid Systems - Pneumatic rack & pinion, scotch-yoke, high pressure gas, electro-hydraulic actuators for linear and rotary applications.