Products Available from Power Controls

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Valve Actuation
  ROTORK Electric “Failsafe” Actuators
ROTORK Pneumatic Actuators
ROTORK IQ & IQT Intelligent Electric Actuators
BETTIS Pneumatic Actuators
REMOTE CONTROL Electric/Pneumatic Actuators
ROTORK Modulating Electric Actuators
Liquid Level Instruments
  K-TEK Magnetic Level Indicators
K-TEK Laser Level/Positioning Transmitters
K-TEK Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
K-TEK Guided Wave Rada
K-TEK Magnetostrictive Transmitters
K-TEK Liquid/Solids Level Switches
K-TEK Interface Transmitters
Reflex/Transparent Level Gauges
Process Instruments
  Dynasonics Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Pressure/Temperature Transmitters
Electromagnetic Flow Meters (Mag Meters)
BLANCETT Turbine Meters/Monitors
REOTEMP Thermocouples/RTD's
REOTEMP Pressure Gauges
REOTEMP Temperature Gauges
SUR-FLO Modified Turbine Meters
Valves   Sur-Flo Control Valves
CVS ED, ET, EZ Control Valves
CVS V-Ball Control Valves
BONNEY FORGE/RP&C Gates, Globes, Checks
Non-Venting Dump/Control Valves
ASCO Solenoid Valves
KF/PBV/WKM Ball Valves
Flowseal/Centerline Butterfly Valves
Natural Gas & Oil
  A+ GENIE Probe Regulators
A+ GENIE Membrane Filters
A+ GENIE Coalescing Filters
SUR-FLO Roto-Boss Multi-Orifice
AGA Meter Tubes, Orifice Plates
AMI O2, H2S, Laser Moisture Analyzers
Zegaz Water and Hydrocarbon Dewpoint Analyzers
  CALORITECH Immersion Heaters
CCI THERMAL – Line Heaters
RUFFNECK Steam Heaters
CATA-DYNE Catalytic Heaters
NORSEMAN Electric Heaters
RUFFNECK Electric Heaters
Chemical Pumps
  SIDEWINDER Chemical Pumps
CVS Chemical Pumps
  FISHER Control Valves
ROOTS/ROMET Rotary Meters