Natural Gas & Oil Equipment
  • A+ GENIE Probe Regulators
  • A+ GENIE Membrane Filters
  • A+ GENIE Coalescing Filters
  • SUR-FLO Roto-Boss Multi-Orifice
  • AGA Meter Tubes, Orifice Plates
  • AGAR Multiphase Flow Meters

GENIE MEMBRANE FILTERS to protect gas chromatographs and other analyzers from liquids. Genie probe regulators with built-in membrane flters, Avenger coalescing flters, Glysorb glycol vapor flters. Direct Drive adjustable length membrane tip probes that can be inserted and extracted from a pressurized line through a full opening valve without the use of special insertion devices.

Sur-Flo turbine meters with patented paddle stye rotors solve typical turbine meter problems of plugging and impeller breakage. Non-Vent Control Valves for back pressure, pressure reduction, fow control, and compressor suction/bypass applications. Sur-Flo control valves feature a unique axial fow design that offers quick recovery, as well as reduced cavitation, noise, and hunting. Non-venting capability, quickly feld repairable. Roto-Boss multi-port orifce meter.

MPFM-50 Multiphase Flow Meters with high accuracy, real time fow measurement for wellhead allocation, non-nuclear, 0-100% water-cut and gas void fraction; ID-200 Interface detection systems for interface/emulsion control in desalters, tank dewatering and foam control in amine contactors; OW-200 Oil/Water Meters 0-100% water cut for well testing and BS&W / Lact units.